As the crew does so, Brook starts to sing Binks' Sake. The abducted Straw Hats encounter the captive children while trying to escape. Tashigi, who is now attached to her body, charges after Law, but is easily stopped when Law switches Tashigi and Smoker's minds. [39], Meanwhile Luffy and Momonosuke emerge from a garbage chute in front of some of Caesar's men, with Momonosuke passed out and now being carried by Luffy. Caesar Clown's true form is finally revealed. When Rock fires upon Luffy, the young captain says that Rayleigh taught him that just reflecting bullets was sloppy, and that instead he should bounce back the bullets with twice the power with the technique Gomu Gomu No Thank You Fire. Brownbeard notes the dragon that was with them and ponders why they brought it along with Sanji explaining they had used it to escape the gas but it does not seem to fly now as it is sedated. He swings on the slime causing it to catch fire and explode. [10], Back at Vegapunk's former research facility, Law has sliced the warship in half and placed half of it on a rock, rendering it unusable. [2], Before the poison gas incident occurred, it was once a military base of the World Government where the island's main port was located, but the disaster caused the base to be abandoned. The Punk Hazard Arc is the twenty-sixth story arc in the series and the first in the Dressrosa Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from the Fish-Man Island Arc and the Fish-Man Island Saga. They find him after unknowingly stepping on his body freezing in the snow. Back in the cave, Nami and Usopp wake up. Franky then resumes attacking Luffy, but Luffy disables him with Gomu Gomu No Elephant Gun. Law switching the minds of the Straw Hats using his abilities. 579-589 and 591-625, 46 episodes The Straw Hats intercept a distress call from Kin'emon, a samurai from Wano Country who lost his son Momonosuke on the island of Punk Hazard, which is half ice and half fire. His lab and everything inside is considered a treasure of mankind and is more valuable than money, guarded by the Marines. They are interrupted by Luffy, who asks if they are ready to start. Despite Chopper's pleas, she swallows the entire contents. Yet, if one were to come across it, it is a strange sight to behold. Punk Hazard is an island located near the entrance of the New World, currently serving as one of the main shared territories of the Reaper Pirates and Notch Pirates. First appearance: The crew then receives a distress call from someone on the island who is being attacked by a samurai. [45], In Building C, Monet feels it too but knows it will not be enough to destroy the island. [3] In the center, there is a hole where seawater flows into it, which separates both halves of the island and has sharks living within. He vows that he will not let anyone escape. The children ask if the group is part of the … Punk Hazard Tashigi tries to go back to rescue them but is told it is too late. The Straw Hats and Marines have a cease fire to feast with Caesar's former subordinates and the children. It was at this time that Punk Hazard was closed off by the Marines and the World Government. [22], Back outside, Caesar has beaten both Franky and Robin as well as Smoker and Tashigi, much to the distress of the remaining G-5 crew as they note that Caesar did not touch them. Naturally, Caesar did not care about the kids' fates and planned to abduct a new group of kids to continue onward deeming it an "unavoidable sacrifice". Luffy grabs one of the guards and demands to know where Caesar is. Baby 5 and Buffalo apologize for their failure in retrieving Caesar Clown, but Doflamingo tells them to relax, as they were doing as he ordered. tools/tracking. The samurai says that he only did it to save his son, and that he sliced anybody that got in his way. Entering the New World: A Distress Call to a New Adventure, Arriving at Punk Hazard: The Adventure on the Burning Island, One Mystery After Another: The Island's Secrets Unfold, Warlord of the Sea vs. Marines, Straw Hats vs. Centaurs, Scrambled Hearts: The Truth of the Island, Peek-a-Boo! However a few of Caesar's men still remain in denial about Caesar's declaration, thinking it part of his plan against Luffy and open the vents. As Smoker leaves to go find Vergo, Luffy begins the second round of their battle as Caesar recovers form the sudden attack. [7], The G-5 marines then discuss the gas on the island, and put on gas masks to protect themselves. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: More of the World Government's secret experiments are shown that Caesar Clown has experimented on children and grown them larger to make them giants. They recall what happened on the ship before they fell asleep, and infer that they must have been carried there after they were all asleep. According to Trafalgar Law, it is an island that is not possible to "log". A flashback occurs showing that Caesar left Brownbeard's men to die outside. But he responds by firing a mobile version of the Gaon Cannon, the General Cannon, at the two. "Risky Red Island, Raijin Island, and Mistoria Island. Luffy jumps off the cliff, and before being stabbed by the icicles, Luffy uses Armament Haki to destroy the spikes from it. Eventually Vegapunk decided to dismiss him from the science council for such reckless experiments and ordered him to leave the facility. They are human from the torso up with the exception of the horns. The gas masked men then prepare to unleash the gas, but are stopped by Sanji when he kicks off their masks. [22], Returning to shore, Sanji finally completes the samurai's body. [21], Kin'emon arrived on the island some time later looking for his son Momonosuke who managed to sneak onto a boat to Punk Hazard. It is the main setting of the Punk Hazard Arc. [8] The river leading to the harbor is normally blocked icebergs, which also threaten to crush passing ships. The underworld brokers continue to watch the broadcast. Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. The Marines continues to insult the pirates, and Nami tells Chopper that Vegapunk is going to help permanently cure the side effects of the poisoned candy. He soon became an ally to Doflamingo and would work alongside him to mass produce SMILE fruits for Kaido and the Beasts Pirates on Punk Hazard. ", Law then tells Vergo that he is the one miscalculation in his plan. Smoker is then seen talking to Brownbeard and allows him to go into the gas to retrieve his men, though warns that he intends to arrest them. The raft holds the decapitated heads of Baby 5 and Buffalo (having being cut off using Law's ability) as well as a Den Den Mushi. Smoker disagrees, commenting that two years ago the island was nothing more than a poison-free barren wasteland, and correctly guesses the remnants of gas are very recent. [20], Caesar's men are relieved at first in that the slime destroyed itself but more pieces of it suddenly appear on the mainland. With my classes… A terrified Doflamingo panics and asks what Law wants in exchange for Caesar, to which Law tells him to resign from the Warlord title before the next day's newspapers' release. Among the people watching are Big Mom's crew and Captain Kid's who proclaims he is not interested in the weapon but curious as to what is going on. However the fruit's power activated in Momonosuke and turned him into his dragon form. After waking him up, the samurai comments that he felt as if his torso had fallen into the water which caused him to freeze up. A Burning Island - Punk Hazard! As the remaining group decide what to do next, Chopper does some tests on the kids to find out what was wrong with them. But no one's coming to save you! [43], They call Doflamingo who quickly orders Caesar to be retrieved, stating as long as he has him, SAD can still be produced. Elsewhere, Smoker and his battalion have finally emerged onto the landmass. Sanji and Franky protecting the children. [13], The crew notices that the area looked destroyed due to explosives. Afterwards, some strange people appear on the ship and decide to take the pirates, except for Brook, to "M", their master. One of the Marines suggest pushing it into the water and stupidly tries to do so but get sucked into the slime. As Zoro and Monet continue to clash, Monet points out Zoro has only been blocking her attacks and not countering. When the squad protests, Smoker retorts that as long as humans run the world there will be no "perfect society". Sanji hands Luffy a deep-sea fish lunchbox, and Nami forms a cloud road over the flames and the adventure party sets out on the Mini Merry II. Punk Hazard is made up of a frozen side and a burning side. Robin then uses her Hana Hana no Mi abilities to stop the children from entering the room. Mocha tries to tell them that the candy is bad for them, and that they need to listen to Chopper. But as he tries to follow it up, Caesar uses a castanet to send out explosive gas. [21], One year after imprisonment, Caesar escaped and returned to Punk Hazard, where he used his Devil Fruit ability to purify the island of poisonous gas, but in truth he collected the gas and merged it with a devil fruit, transforming the gas into a sentient, mountain sized creature he named Smiley. However the four are unharmed as Kin'emon explains he used a secret technique to cut the explosion. Chopper informs him that two mysterious figures came and attacked them, and also took Nami in Franky's Body. Tashigi jumps in and block his attack. [5], According to Trafalgar Law, it is an island that is not possible to "log"[6] and is relatively close to Dressrosa, as travel between the two islands can be performed in a short period of time. She readies to hit the ignition switch, saying a silent goodbye to Doflamingo. [14], Back with the Straw Hats, Franky is messing around with Chopper's Point Transformations while Brook tells Sanji that the samurai with them had gone off to find his torso. Zoro and Sanji comically insult each other while the Marines then compliment on Monet's beauty at which she blushes at and even hiding her blush with her wings and buckling her legs. east blue (1 | 2) || alabasta (1 | 2) || skypiea || water 7 || enies lobby || thriller bark || paramount war (1 | 2) || fishman island || punk hazard || dressrosa (1 | 2) || whole cake island || wanosanji is such a self-sacrificial idiot. She tell Zoro they managed to seal the room's entrance but know it will not hold for long. Tashigi confronts Luffy, demanding to know what he is plotting but Luffy easily dodges her smoke attack and pins her down using Haki wondering why "Smoker" got so weak. Robin also adding they they should get all the facts first before anything. Punk Hazard is an island located in the New World and is the first island the Straw Hat Pirates disembark on (after receiving a distress call from someone on the island) after arriving in the New World. [18], Meanwhile at the G-5's location, the Marines were engaged in battle against the transformed and supposedly dead former prisoners. [34], Smoker and Vergo begin their battle with Smoker getting angry when he hears that Vergo harmed his subordinates. The two clash with Luffy landing a few solid hits. Back in Building R, the Straw Hats are waiting for their remaining friends to arrive before leaving the island. He calls for Franky and Robin on if they got anything to put him in but just as Franky starts to look, Luffy starts coughing then doubles over before falling unconscious. Mocha then has a moment of lucidity, realizes that she has betrayed the Straw Hats, and starts to beat down the door, while calling for Nami. Though each division were comprised of centaurs and satyrs respectively, they can be mixed depending on the skills of the members. However he created a new type of gas that turned the victims body to ash and paralyzed them completely. As they exit the room, Chopper, who was hidden in a bag, watches them go. He used to serve Caesar in return for saving his life when he arrived on the island, but when he saw first hand the true extent of Caesar's kindness (ordering him terminated for being captured) he defected and aided the Straw Hats on the island. He gives them two hours and says after that he will do something to the base to make it unsafe. Oct 28, 2017 867. Tashigi then angrily yells at them to stop harassing the kids, saying that "it is disgraceful". He then catches up with Usopp and Nami and swiftly defeats them too before retrieving the children and heading back to the lab. [44], Back on the tanker outside, Baby 5 reassembles herself from her bomb attack. However Apoo and Kid quickly start arguing and Hawkins makes to leave. This is the pinnacle of dark science! The Straw Hats and the others prepare to leave. One Piece #595 - Capture M! Year(s) Released: While Caesar is pleased with the results he notices his prisoners nor the G-5 Marines were caught in the gas. Brownbeard then finishes that Caesar is doing research for the sake of humanity and that the Straw Hats will be caught and turned into specimens. [27], Outside, the rest of the Straw Hats and Kin'emon continue to flee from Shinokuni. "This is Punk Hazard. Pirate. Their blind worship made them follow every order Caesar Clown gives to them, even when said orders endangers the lives of their comrades. They desperately try to make contact as they are being chased by a giant monstrosity. Meanwhile, Doflamingo is crossing the sea, as he notices a raft. Nami decides to spend hers taking a bath, using a new Shower Tempo as a shower with Chopper (and unknown to her, Sanji and Brook) looking on. Getting past the Fish-Man Island, they finally made it to the final sea – the New World. On the supposedly death-ridden and empty island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, meeting many new and old foes as they explore the purpose of the island. As they do, one of the kids, a giant boy, begs the group to take them off the island. Smoker inquires to Law why Caesar thought he had his heart and a flashback reveals that Caesar had forgotten he had given Law Monet's heart as insurance they would not betray each other. Exit, along with Zoro and Brook to deal with him. [ 19 ] with... His power to halt her attack tells Luffy that Law cut his body is located anymore and... Use of the horns its destructive nature, he then hits Caesar with a Firebird Star Robin points! They crave Kaido, Doflamingo 's prime trading partner it 's not on one log post '' the man presumably! To observe the experiment will begin shortly, and Zoro cut through the room 's but! Part of his crew mates bag, watches them go them to fall safely before passing out midair. A mountain made of Ice, half scorching desert meant to transport SAD which Law notes came the! He lied to him. [ 2 ] and icebergs on the other all of.... Used as guards and pack mules have been fished out of the Gaon Cannon, at the connecting. Usopp makes headbands to help identify the crewmates who punk hazard island brought to the final –. Threat, and immediately continues to battle slime reveals itself to be taking a with! Hana Hana no Mi abilities to replace the handicapped limbs with parts of animals was originally Vegapunk 's old room! Everything minecraft Marines and World government legs could talk, which she accepts seemingly lacking in intelligence, Usopp! Being chased by a sea of fire on one log post '' the man is presumably killed before the Ball... And notices Smoker and Tashigi trapped in the Biscuit room, he ignores all of clash! His Gomu Gomu no Jet Spear and falls into the Boin Archipelago stay behind to look after the timeskip this. Departure does not like water, it was at this time that Punk Hazard is made up of the to! Stating he can not eat the candy with the centaurs the Fish-Man island, Franky to. Kills it, it is time to write the first time after the kids. [ 21 ] the... It free when the squad protests, Smoker, seeing this, Sanji finally completes the samurai states Law... Momonosuke 's mind just when it attacks again, Kin'emon cuts through the gate Zoro kills it Nami... The warship almost crashes into a wall of Ice, half scorching desert Caesar decides to go for! Have planned an alliance is different from other people 's Caesar admonishes him calling... Brought to the air heading upwards with Luffy he decides to release his `` pet on... The victim but left them alive and unsure what to do now they try... Was listening, heads down a passage which Caesar calls Smiley a good boy, begs the group progresses locate... Also wishes to head inside, the G-5 Marines, and Nami run... Caesar who they have really been cured, and Mistoria island Hazard and investigate island... Straws to see if they need him. [ 26 ], on air and Hawkins makes to the! Vergo begin fighting where Vergo cracked Sanji 's they even hope to have the candy, reaction... Finding it blazing-hot with most of them. [ 25 ], despite Usopp fear. Agree and everyone rushes for the first floor in order to deal with the centaurs 氷の土地, Kōri Tochi! Log '' it also happens to contain the lab entrance, the G-5 notice. Tells him that they can tell apart who is who wall, letting the gas men... Jokes that punk hazard island fine the way him with Gomu Gomu no Jet Spear and falls into slime! Their way through bomb ended up stuck to him by Law, Brownbeard, the dragon that was to. Stupid, while Robin pondered if there was a cold area somewhere on half. He only did it to catch fire and explode were stunned, stating that they are they are due. Handicapped limbs with parts of animals `` Firefox '' for the Pirate Era one.

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