But he’ll still wake up to feed during the night. But you can't be there every minute of the day and night, and she’s likely to change her sleeping position regularly throughout the night. Please tell me what is the next step that you took and what did it turn out to be? All rights reserved. Baby sleeping bags. As the baby grows, the melanin cells mature, and this causes the color change. Gray baby syndrome can develop if the antibiotic is given directly to babies. He's 5 now still does it, although not so alarmingly. Unfortunately, infants and babies don’t have the liver enzymes needed to metabolize large doses of this medication. Please get her checked out . Every expecting mother wants her baby to be healthy. They spend more of their sleeping time in ‘active sleep’ instead of ‘quiet sleep’. Read what Mumsnetters thought of Cicaplast B5 repairing balm, Your questions on breast, bottle and mixed feeding answered, Share your tips for keeping your children’s skin comfortable through the winter months. Since their little bodies can’t break down the drug, toxic levels of the antibiotic can build up in their bloodstreams. Their eyes flutter under their eyelids. As soon as they fell asleep their colour faded and they went transparent. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding and taking chloramphenicol, a doctor will monitor your blood level. You can tell if there is insufficient oxygen in the blood by checking the color of the skin all over your baby's body. This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 41 messages.). To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. When this happens he seems to be breathing fine and he is very reactive. DS1 always looked really grey whilst asleep when he was small. The condition is a potential side effect of the antibiotic chloramphenicol. Never leave your baby, even when he's a newborn, unattended on a bed or any other elevated surface. It can also mean the baby is having a longer period of continuous sleep during the night. Your baby might have gas pain or reflux pain going on, preventing baby from being able to sleep well and sleep solid through the night. Why is my baby sleeping more after being hit in head? Here's how to tell if your baby is overtired, and what to do. Last medically reviewed on April 29, 2016, Before you make a bottle for your new arrival, consider the water you're using. In addition, the newborn’s hands and feet may be cool and blue. Rebreathing might be even more likely to happen if a baby is sleeping on a soft mattress or with blankets, pillows or stuffed animals near his face. MD I was reaching over my two month old son after feeding him to set down his bottle when I accidently hit him in the head with the bottom of it. Oral hygiene isn’t only for older kids and adults — babies need their mouths clean, too, and the earlier you start, the better. Chloramphenicol can pass through breast milk. I didn't realise at the time, but he was tongue tied with a high palate and suffered from sleep apnoea, which also means less oxygen in the system. I thought it was normal, but now Idon't She was born with gastroschisis. If your baby suddenly starts sleeping more than usual and seems extra-sleepy, it’s likely one of the following three reasons is to blame: Your baby is sleeping more than usual due to a growth spurt. Continued 4. Sleeping or Waking Up . If left untreated, gray baby syndrome can cause death within hours. If so, this medication should only be given to babies and young children under the close supervision of a doctor, and it shouldn’t be the primary treatment. Once he is between six weeks and eight weeks your baby will probably sleep for shorter spells during the day and longer periods at night. I'm just coming back to this thread to let OP know my baby has now been referred for an EKG to check for any heart problems, as his breathing is still not ok, even though he's home now. What you are seeing is likely a benign condition known as sleep myoclonus, also known as nocturnal myoclonus, and it usually occurs at the moment of dropping off to sleep. Stomach or side sleeping can also set the stage for “rebreathing,” where a baby breathes in his own exhaled air, causing his oxygen levels to drop and his carbon dioxide levels to rise. I didn't realise at the time, but he was tongue tied with a high palate and suffered from sleep apnoea, which also means less oxygen in the system.I thought it was normal, but now Idon't, Sorry but this sounds worrying . Worsening jaundice (yellowing of the skin) If your newborn is getting yellower and yellower after birth, they may have worsening jaundice. This is normal but may sometimes require medical attention. It doesn't sound silly, it may well be nothing but please ring NHS as advised for professional advice. Good luck. Mine did this last week and has just come home from hospital, he had a chest infection and when the pulse oximeter was on him he kept setting off alarms as his oxygen was too low. Other medications, however, may cause serious birth defects or health problems for your baby. This medication is used to treat a variety of infections, such as bacterial meningitis. Learn more about when to start offering meat, how to cook it…. But even if you take the above measures, exposure to certain medications may put your baby’s health at risk. I think a quick call to NHS direct sounds like a good idea. Consider Pain. Please pm me if you need any advice etc I'm always here I help but please get this checked out don't put it off x. Doesnt sound right . There are several reasons why your baby does not want to…. Water for Formula: Which Type Should You Use? Our 4 week old sometimes turns really pale when he is asleep then when he wakes up his color seems to come back into him. As long as your baby seems comfortable and isn't gasping for air, and her fingernails and lips don't change color, don't worry. Sleeping like a baby does not sound like a peaceful prospect at all! It is very common for babies to refuse bottle-feeding at some point during their development. I've gone on strike! These changes might mean less waking and resettling during sleep. She has to have regular sleep studies. At this age, babies might regularly be having longer sleeps at night – … It can also indicate late-stage diseases. A safe infant sleeping bag also helps to: reduce the risk of SUDI including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents; This lifesaving procedure involves removing some of your baby’s blood and replacing the blood with freshly donated blood or plasma. Normal baby sleep versus adult sleep. Who would even know 400 people willing to break LD law? Babies spit up curdled milk when milk from feeding is mixed with acidic stomach fluid. That is as fr as now I'll go as her condition does sound more scary than it it's when experiencing it. Newborn sleep patterns. An octopus has been filmed changing colour whilst sleeping, and scientists think it might be due to it dreaming. These days, 10 to 11 hours of sleep at night is the norm. If you wake up and see that your baby is on her front, you can gently roll her on to her back. My daughter has a very serious condition and can normally only be spotted. Is your Lo tired in he day? You'd hate for his first rolling-over experience to result in a serious injury. If your child’s body temperature drops to 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C (normal is 98.6 degrees F or 37 degrees C), then their lips will turn blue. However, if your baby has rolled from his back to his side or stomach on his own, he can be left in that position if he is … Also, it can result in the accumulation of regurgitated food around the tracheal opening, posing a choking hazard. I really would do that right now. “Not all jaundice is dangerous,” Wong says. We met baby Maya Noel in season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy. The best way to avoid this complication is to not give this medication to premature infants and children under the age of 2. It also balances potassium and sodium levels and helps control your baby’s blood pressure. She's very tiny, and since it's a new thing and she's unwell anyway I'd definitely get medical advice. This also happens during tummy sleeping – a position to which your baby may topple during side-sleeping. This is why they get prenatal care from their doctors and take other precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Understand that your baby will likely be hospitalized after being diagnosed with gray baby syndrome. It may mean the baby is dropping one feed overnight and sleeping through the usual feed time until later on. She stops breathig when asleep and goes extremely pale/grey/ and rarely blue. The Zipadee-Zip is intended for sleeping only and should not be worn for running or walking. These precautions include maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco. Find answers to health issues you can trust from Healthgrades.com In addition to the above treatments, your baby may be given oxygen therapy to improve breathing and oxygen delivery to the body. Your baby’s doctor can diagnose gray baby syndrome after a physical examination and observing symptoms of the condition, such as grayish-colored skin and blue lips. Place your baby to sleep on his back for every sleep. This needs checking over and try and push for a sleep study from your doctor. Especially if your baby is over 2 months old as the dark promotes the release of melatonin, which is a hormone crucial to your baby settling and sleeping … The best way to avoid this complication is to not give this medication to premature infants and children under the age of 2. In that sense, the eyes are usually the most affected. Around 3 months: what to expect from baby sleep. This antibiotic is dangerous for babies because of its high toxicity level. Babies under 1 are naturally lighter sleepers compared with adults. Here’s the lowdown on how a newborn really sleeps. Take a Look at Your Daily Routine, Feeding Meat to Your Baby: What You Should Know, Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, Breastfeeding and Antibiotics: What You Need to Know. Or does that sound silly??? hhmm, not a doctor or medical professional just a mum of 3 and I dont think this sounds right tbh. This is why they get prenatal care from their doctors and take other precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We'll explain the method and the reasoning behind each one. She's got a bad cold so I'm a bit concerned she's not getting enough oxygen as she's quite blocked up??. If you have medical concerns, please seek medical attention; if you think your problem could be acute, do so immediately. The study showed that sleeping with the baby on a sofa really is a risk. This can prevent gaps between the mattress and the sides of a crib, a play yard, or a bassinet. An overtired baby can make for harder nights, because less sleep means less sleep. It's stressful enough to be faced with an illness or condition that requires antibiotics, and now you may be wondering whether they're safe for your…. (During the first few days of life, the skin gradually loses this redness.) I don't like scaremongering but my daughter was like this when she suffered bouts of apnoea when in NICU. I would get it checkedThey told me with dd2 to look for blue-ness around the lips and if we saw it to take her straight to hospital. If toxic levels of chloramphenicol accumulate in your baby’s bloodstream and your baby develops gray baby syndrome, symptoms typically show within two to nine days of beginning treatment. If your doctor suggests this drug for you or your baby, ask for a safer antibiotic. Sleeping on the side creates torsion in the windpipe (trachea) that can make breathing difficult for the baby. These precautions include maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco. You may not be familiar with this illness, but it can be extremely dangerous for premature babies and infants. Had to keep poking him. Even qualified doctors can't diagnose over the internet, so do bear that in mind when seeking or giving advice. This is necessary so doctors can closely monitor your baby’s condition. If your baby has an infection that doesn’t respond to other types of antibiotics, use of chloramphenicol may rarely become necessary. They’re exposed very quickly to infections, since their immune system hasn’t fully developed. If the baby gets a yellow skin tone — or worse, if the eyes turn yellow — that is an indication of jaundice. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Let us know how you got on, hoping all is well. The hue can be an important part of diagnosing the issue, so it is a good reason to talk to a doctor. This procedure uses a dialysis machine to cleanse toxins from your baby’s bloodstream. Babies up to 1 year of age should always be placed on their backs to sleep during naps and at night. Your baby should also take two to three naps during the day. The first course of treatment is to stop giving your baby the medication. I know she is a few weeks old but I'd really get get her looked at. The answer varies, but here are some guidelines. Every expecting mother wants her baby to be healthy. T may all come to nothing and it is just something that your LO does however would you take the risk?